Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On Ezra's birthday

Dear Ezra

Yesterday, the anniversary of your birth descended upon you, us. It was the first time you somewhat knew what was going on. Every time someone greeted you with "happy birthday," you returned the felicitations with one of your own, "happy birthday," you said with a smile. I tried to get you to understand that "thank you" was the right response. But you insisted on your own, telling everyone happy birthday when they wished you one.

We began the morning with a candle in your breakfast. You watched the candle as it leaned over threatening to roast your french toast sticks. You smiled and gazed at the flame and enjoyed your brother and mommy's happy birthday song. I sent you to daycare regretting that I had to work on your birthday.

As I picked you up, I wanted to take you home to play, just mommy and Ezra. However, you wanted your brother. So, we picked up Elijah and all went home. When Elijah gave you your present and card, you politely said, "here's your card back." This exemplifies that you are focused on what's most important with no pretenses about the card and yet always ever so polite. This is one of my favorite things about you, you're you. You know what you want, your brother to play with or mommy's full attention--not her pretend presence, sitting beside you while reading a magazine. You insist that the magazine must go by stepping on it or pulling my face to face yours. Or whether you want to get to the gift and skip the card.

You have the timing of a comedian. I've heard some of that is the result of birth order and your need as the smallest in the house to be heard and seen. Once when I told Elijah he was being mean to his friends, and we were having a silent stare down, you chimed in, "You mean, Elijah." And the three of us laughed, as did the friend.

You're also a climber-- the bed frame, the playground, the mommy. You often climb all over me, poking elbows and knees into my tense muscles. I'm not sure where this comes from, but I try to let you be as free as possible. You have chosen to be free with everything, including free from the nap, especially if your brother is around and activity is on the horizon.

I can't resist picking your heavy little body up when you insist. I try as I might to push you into independence. You demand, "Lemme do it," with everything, turning on the light, pouring the oatmeal in the bowl, stirring the pot (figuratively and literally), looking at pictures (and making phone calls) on my phone. And antagonizing your brother; once you were playing in your brother's room while he was downstairs. For some reason, you needed to make it known that you were playing with his things. It makes a better story to claim that you were consciously infuriating your brother by showing him that you had his toys, though I'm not sure if you just sought company or what. However, once you made Elijah aware and he chased you upstairs, snarled and snatched the toy, you heartily laughed from your belly, making me laugh at the brotherly brawl. Even in your mischief, you are one to behold!

There aren't words to describe what you mean and how you light up our lives. As much as I can't wait to see you grow and become more of yourself, I wish I could keep you in this three year old frame.

Happy Birthday, dear child.


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