Thursday, May 19, 2011

on Language

I think language is failing me or I'm just a failure at language. Maybe it's tone that I fail to accurately convey? I'm playful and light and it's incorrectly identified as a jab that needs to be defended or lack of awareness on my part. I'm serious and the hearer goes into joke mode.

And what's all the more humorous is I'm a language teacher. I help students analyze language, tone, word choice, an author's use of specific strategies for a specific rhetorical function. Yet, I can't seem to effectively apply appropriate language use for my own target audience(s).

1 comment:

  1. My opinion is that this is just a normal, human anxiety that we all experience in the course of moving our minds through the's born, like all of the defilements, of fear. Of anxiety that one is not being understood--which is a form of loneliness, at least for me.

    I think everyone feels this; I think professional communicators, artists & teachers might feel it more acutely...