Monday, April 6, 2009

On taking care of my relationship with my oldest son

Yesterday, my husband in one of his more brilliant moments suggested that Elijah and I take a walk together, instead of the whole family going. Elijah, much like his father in terms of brilliancy, said "can I bring my camera" and then told me to get mine also. In the shortest half an hour I have ever spent with my son, we took a walk, chatted and took pictures together. I loved every minute of being with my son, which I haven't felt in quite some time. I wasn't annoyed by his incessant talking and questioning and competing for attention. We had a peaceful and enjoyable time.

In learning how to mother two, nurse, recoup from my c-section and maintain my sanity and still love being a mother, I need to procure more time alone with my oldest sooner than later-when-I-feel-better. We may have to make photography outings our thing: as I loved seeing what he thought snap-worthy.

Enjoy his five year old eye.

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