Friday, October 2, 2009

On the taste of fall...

When my Chai tea or pumpkin spice latte is in a paper cup with a solo lid, I don't get to stick my nose into the cup and breathe in the scent of fall as I do when I'm drinking from a mug.

I had a mug of Chai tea this evening and I sniffed before each sip as though the tea was a glass of Merlot. I didn't swish, but I slowly became intoxicated by the warm spices mellowing in my soy milk.

My bare arms and brown cheeks tasted autumn as it kissed my skin with its crisp air and calming breeze.

My eyes imbibed fall when they saw God's paintbrush dab at the trees, as He began to makeover my neighborhood.

My ears drank in the crinkling of sun-kissed leaves beneath my patent leather wedges.

I inhale autumn and let it wash over me and love it's deliciousness.

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