Sunday, September 20, 2009

On my birthday...

As the leaves begin to fall, as my birthday approaches, as the seasons change I move into an intensely reflective mode. What do I need to shed as I begin a new season, my own personal new year.

The easiest place to begin is my closet. Out of date, no longer trendy pieces along with items that advance my age need to be removed, i.e that electric blue knit top from H&M. I also need to get rid of items that no longer fit.

I need to get rid of that memory of what I used to look like as well as the accompanying insecurities of my present self.

I need to get rid of the clutter (in fifteen minute intervals daily). That which surrounds every tangible surface in my house and that which clouds my head. In the same breath, I need to not worry so much about a clean house.

I need to get rid of wasteful time uses in the guise of vegging out or connecting.

Of course, I could continue to add to this list and then I'd end with I need to get rid of ways to make myself feel bad about myself. So I'll stop with just a few manageable items and move onto what I need to accumulate.

I need to buy myself some new shoes for the season.

I need to take what is rightfully mine and not feel guilty for taking off on my birthday and enjoying a massage and lunch with myself.

I need to take more pictures of my children, the trees, and I need to hop in those pictures even when my hair is a mess, my face is fat and I'm not wearing lipstick.

I need to not wait until a nice round number to do something great for myself on my birthday. Any birthday will do, any day will do.

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