Friday, September 4, 2009

On feeding

I fed my baby on the kitchen counter this evening. About a week ago, he lost interest in baby food. So hubby read somewhere to give baby's taste buds a rest for a week. Well, I'm overanxious and want baby to be healthy, so a little shy of a week, I mix some squash with cereal and give Ezra a taste. He bites. So for fear of losing his interest, I plop my 20lb six month old onto the counter to continue feeding him. I'm holding him with one hand and feeding him with the other. He isn't grabbing for the spoon and he keeps opening his mouth widely for more. I'm a happy mama.

All is going well until he realizes there are interesting things behind him: a nice crinkly pretzel bag that makes great noise, daddy's knives, and a toaster. I'm sure at that point most mothers would have come to their senses. But I'm hanging on, because all I care about is this child finishing his squash. My child knocks a knife out of it's slot, but he's still eating and I'm not moving him to his high chair. The pretzel bag hits the floor. We're still going. The baby has found the thankfully unplugged toaster and gives it a kiss.

We finish the whole container, with no more cereal additions, and I text hubby the baby ate his squash. Then I clean up the squash lip prints from the toaster, and replace the knife. I'm sure these are the kind of actions that DHS likes to investigate for, but I'm thinking job well done mama, baby is eating again.

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