Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On buying myself flowers

My 5 year old son noticed a new flower in the bouquet sitting in my favorite square vase, “you’ve never had that flower before,” he said of the huge sunflower poking conspicuously out of the rather conservative arrangement. He’s very observant and pays careful attention to the things I like and dislike. Last year he asked his father to buy me flowers when they were at the grocery store together. What a prince!

I have to remember to buy myself flowers because seeing their beauty on my dining room table makes me smile. I enjoy their presence every day. I used to think "oh, don't spend the money on something that will die so quickly or wait until you receive them on a special occasion." But in growing up, in needing the pleasantry in my life, I now know that I need to buy them for myself often. It's a small way of taking care of myself.


  1. This is not the arrangement with the sunflower that my son noticed; but this is what I bought yesterday when I told/reminded myself I needed to buy myself flowers.

  2. Good for you. I used to buy myself flowers every week. I'll take this as a suggestion to reinstate the ritual. Your post reminds me of all the wonderful feelings I have for 1) people who know there are legitimate activities they can engage in which improve the quality of their lives and 2) get engaged. Bravo.